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Weed and Pest Identification Photo Gallery

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Lawn Weeds in Florida

View photos of lawn weeds, grasses and fungi that affect Florida lawns. Specimens include crabgrass, dollarweed, kyllinga and more.

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Trees, Shrubs and Ornamentals

View photos of native and exotic trees, shrubs and ornamentals in Florida. Specimens include gumbo limbo, sabal palmetto, ficus and more.

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Common Pests in Florida

View photos of bugs and pests common in Florida. Specimens include cockroaches, fire ants, millipedes, spiders and more.

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Your lawn, plant and pest experts at Patriot Pest Management have over 10 years of experience identifying the unique breeding and growth patterns of even the most troublesome weeds and bugs that affect Florida homes and lawns. We put our extensive knowledge to work for you in our safe and effective treatment and prevention services below.


Lawn Care & Weed Control

Patriot targets pests at their source to minimize the unnecessary use of pesticides. Our advanced, fertilizing process builds turf and prevents weeds from returning.

Lawn Care Services

Healthcare for Florida Plants

Florida plants require specific fertilizers and pesticides. Our qualified technicians thoroughly inspect for problems and growing conditions before and after applications.

Plant Health Care

Pest Control & Extermination

Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system treats and prevents indoor and outdoor bugs and pests. It is designed with the safety of people and pets in mind.

Pest Control Services

Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

Enjoy a sparkling swimming pool professionally cleaned and maintained by our pool experts. We also repair pool pumps and fixtures.

Pool Cleaning Services

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